What’s in the glass tonight September 30th – Champagne

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV

Off Topic: Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV Epernay- $$$+

Light straw colour. 12% alc.

A treat before we got on the plane to fly to Cairns the next day

A zesty and dense and weighty Champagne. Fresh mousse, largish bubbles. Zesty acidity. Brioche on nose and palate. Long, yummy

Highly Recommended 89 points

What’s in the glass tonight January 1st – Crémant de Bourgogne


Off Topic: Charles Ninot Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc Brut NV 

Cremant de Bourgogne is the appellation for the white and rose sparkling wines of Burgundy, made predominantly from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes in the methode traditionelle. Created in October 1975 to complement Bourgogne Mousseux (the title for sparkling red wines), the appellation is now applied to more than 13 million bottles of wine every vintage. I can’t find any information online about the producer.

Pale gold colour. 12% alc.

This was my first opportunity to taste this sparkling wine style. It showed a bready yeasty nose, quite lively, not so ripe. There were soft fine bubbles, with a strong line of citrus on the palate, with underlying bread notes. There was the expected sweet and fresh entry, but the balance and ripeness of the wine was spoiled somewhat by a bitter finish reminiscent of spoiled apple. To my taste not an aperitif wine, but could accompany shellfish.

Fair  – 80 points

What’s in the glass tonight November 21st – Bubbles!


Off Topic: Torre Oria Cava Brut NV

12% alc.

Torre Oria Cava Brut is made in the traditional Champagne method from a blend of still wines that have been aged for 18 months before undergoing secondary fermentation.

Boasts a bold stream of bubbles. Ripe notes of stonefruit, apple and citrus with mild yeasty notes, which leads to a fresh finish. Not as crisp as others. Very similar to a Kiwi brut like Lindauer.

A good quaffer while L and I waded through the box set of the excellent first season of True Detective…

BTG 3+


Wedding Week Wines

This has been the most wonderful weekend where I was privileged to marry the loving, gorgeous, kind and clever L in front of our loving families and the best and most warm and generous friends anyone could ever have. I am feeling blessed in every way!

We drank some great wines before and after the great event. Here are some that I recall. There were many:

Martinborough PN 2009

From the Cellar: Martinborough Pinot Noir 2009 – $$$+

Brown carmine colour. Savoury nose, typical of Martinbo/Wairarapa. Dense and ticklish with spice and dust. Intensely aromatic. Gorgeous. Burgundian characters, with heft and presence.

In the mouth, black cherries, drying. Spicy and fine grained tannins. A defined line of red fruit acid. A savoury finish with heat on the back palate. Beautiful balance.  BTVG 4+.

Palliser PN 2009

From the Cellar: Palliser Estate Pinot Noir 2009 – $$$

I drank this with my old mate DT. I did’nt make any notes while we caught up but it tasted like this:  Dark carmine colour. Dense fruit, deep and savoury, & spicy, on the nose. Savoury flavours and red cherry fruit flavours, white pepper and star anise bitterness delivering on the finish. A delicious wine. BTVG 4+

Bollinger NV

Wedding Gift: Bollinger NV

My First Bolly. I am no Champagne expert, but here is what I noticed: Brioche, bready notes, bright acid attack and lively, fine bubbles, and a bitter finish. Party time. 3+

Babich Organic Chardonnay 2014

Babich Headwaters Vineyard Organic Chardonnay Marlborough 2014 

13%. Pale gold. Complex & honeyed; vanilla, oak, with white flower florality;  rich in a European style. Yum.

Ripe white stonefruit flavours with a nice acid line of lemon and grapefruit pith. Generous mouth feel and weight; creamy; but not too big on it. Nice oak buzz on thre back. VG 4

What’s in the glass tonight April 5th

Hatten Anggur Rose Bali NV

Off Topic: Hatten Wines Anggur Rosé Bali NV – $$$+

This is a wine from Bali. I didn’t know they made wine in Bali. L ordered this bottle of Rosé with dinner at our hotel in Leggian. I hadn’t drunk a glass of wine in-country up to that point, as the choice was either Wolf Blass Yellow Label or…nothing. Bintang pils became my default drink of choice. We didn’t finish it at dinner (L thought it was undrinkable) so I brought I back to our room and did my own assessment the following evening.

Salmon Blush. 11%

Light approachable Rosé aromatic character.

Very light-bodied wine, almost no discernable fruit. Thin but not bitter. Just an absence of flavour. Slightly odd. Does this mean dry heat is best for good grapes? Cos Bali has not much of that…

Gotta give marks for trying. Not sure how it got a CSWA Award in 2013 tho. 2

What’s in the glass tonight June 23rd

Coto de Hayas Grenache Syrah NV

Leaving the Reservation: Coto de Hayas Campo de Borja DDO Grenache Syrah NV Magnum – $$

It seems to be Big Gulp month at two of my regular bottleshops:

They are selling magnums of Spanish red at knock-down prices for the Winter Solstice. I have bought a couple – a Granacha Syrah, and a Sangiovese…

Now there is no way I intend to polish off 1500mls of wine quickly – my body is a temple(!) – so I’ll take the opportunity to taste this wine over three-four  nights, and record my thoughts on the evolution of the wine as it is exposed to air. I suspect Day 2 will be the best, but who knows?

The Coto de Hayas has the coolest looking bottle, so it goes first. I have lamb roasting in the oven too. Ole!

Day One: The wine hails from Aragon in north-east Spain. 70% old vine Granacha, 30% Syrah. Colour is deep ruby. It was poured with my wine-air-ater. There is some simple syrah florality showing, and violets. In the mouth it is medium, fruity, a bit grippy, with blackberries. This is easy to drink! Expect lots of toasts from a bottle of this volume. Ole! 3