What’s in the glass tonight January 18th

Ohau River Sav Blanc 2012

Wellington Anniversary Weekend

There few things more enjoyable than a dinner party at home with good friends.

L and I invited several couples over for dinner in the weekend. Great food and conversation was enjoyed, washed down with delicious wine!

We enjoyed as aperitifs wines such as Sileni Cabernet Franc Rose Marlborough 2013, a favourite of L’s; the classic and perfect Palliser Estate Sauvignon Blanc Martinborough 2013 provided by M&G; and a bottle of Ohau River Sauvignon Blanc Horowhenua 2012 – a softer styled, round and well balanced sav from north of Wellington.

Dry River LH Riesling 2008

With our dinner of roast chicken with olives and tarragon, D&D provided a wonderful white Burgundy – J Drouhin Macon-Villages 2012 from Beaune – lean and clean, classic restraint, a wonderful simple food wine. With the dessert of nectarines, ice cream and warm toffee sauce they treated us again with the notable Dry River Late Harvest Riesling 2008 – classic kerosene notes, golden honey and stone fruit, and that gorgeous Riesling ‘tang’. Yum.

What’s in the glass tonight Sept 6th

Cloudy Bay Te Koko Sav Blanc 2009

Cloudy Bay Te Koko Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2009 – $$$

I expect that this wine is as close as we generally get to a premier cru for this varietal in New Zealand.

There are other benchmark wines that sit alongside it, but as this producer was in the vanguard of exporting Marlborough sauvignon blanc to the world, its nose is in front. In the subjective wine world, first impressions count…

A few weeks back I won a supermarket competition, and I received a few grocery vouchers. Rather than fold them into the weekly food shop, I thought I would apportion the vouchers over a few ‘feast’ nights, where I would buy more expensive ingredients than usual, and cook something nice for my closest and dearest. This was one of those nights.

L brought this bottle over to share, and pair with my grilled marmalade salmon fillets, yoghurt dill and mustard sauce, boiled new potatoes and mesclun salad. Joining us were her boys, her new au-pair, and my LG. We had a good time.

And the wine was wonderful: 14%. Gorgeous gold. Aromatic, warm and rich. A nose of oak and vanilla. Only a hint of Marlborough varietal character.

This is a matured wine, issued for sale by Cloudy Bay after three years of aging. It is made from the best grapes, with minimal handling and wild yeast fermentation.

L called it the sav for chardonnay drinkers. I agree. It has the complexity and mouthfeel of a chardonnay. Absolutely delicious, the vanilla comes through in the mouth, with smooth fruit, honey, vanilla, and creamy texture. Perfect with the salmon. 5

Then we had wildberry danish’s with fig and honey ice cream for dessert. L brought along a sticky to pair with it:

 Fromm Late Harvest Gewurtz 2010

Fromm Marlborough Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer 2010

12.5%. It was richly aromatic and sweet, with honey and spice and golden syrup. Delish. 4

Lucky me in so many ways…