What’s in the glass tonight February 25th

Jovly Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2013

Off Topic: Jovly Chenin Blanc Vouvray 2013 – $$

I had a bit of a moan my last post about the uniformly ok quality of the wine I have been drinking and writing about recently. I was challenged by a reader to try wines and producers I am unfamiliar with. So here goes…

This wine came recommended from Regional Wines: Vouvray is a wine-growing sub-region of the Loire Valley, France’s largest geographical wine growing region. The Loire River meanders from Orléans all the way to the Atlantic.  The area is known for the age-worthy white wine Chenin Blanc. I can’t find much information off the net about the producer.

The wine is very very pale greenish straw colour. 11.5%. Demi-sec style Chenin. A light bouquet that doesn’t give much away except notes of citrus and pears.

Bright citrus characters in the mouth, minerality, and astringency countered by good weight of ripe fruit flavours. I taste green apples and honey. Long. There is joyful intent in this wine, it sizzles.

BTG 3+