What’s in the glass tonight November 2nd – Sauvignon Blanc

Dashwood SB 2016

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016 – $

Another fantastic Savvy, and cheap too!

Pale straw colour. 13% alc.

A cheery and lively nose, this wine boasted the strongest expression of passionfruit I have ever smelt in a Sauvignon Blanc. There was more to smell every time I went back to the glass: lemons, limes, green apples, hops. Remarkable.

It was crisp and full-flavoured to drink, with a dry apple pip finish.

Highly Recommended 94 points

What’s in the glass tonight March 29-April 4th – Cheap ‘n Cheerful Chardys

Over the past couple of weeks my bloggage production has approached zero.  Too much going on.  No time to write. Now is the first time I can catch up on a few value wines that perhaps do not warrant a post on their only lonesome…


March 29th – Stoneleigh Latitude Chardonnay Marlborough 2015 – $$

13.5% ABV, and a light yellow gold colour. I usually like these wines. This one shows a pleasant mealy nose, with apricots and spice and caramel, ripe and golden. To taste it opens with sweet lemon, then shows rich and full, with honey and butterscotch, slightly spicy and a mild acid finish. A touch too full and flabby. Would improve with being more crystalline and austere, but that goes against the house style somewhat.

Recommended 89 Points


April 2nd – From the Cellar: Dashwood Chardonnay Marlborough 2012 – $

13.5% ABV, and a bright pale gold colour. This is a cheery quaffer! Fresh and pungent lifted aromas of peaches and apricots. Citrus notes add a fresh zing. Sweet attack on palate and finishes with a strong acid line. A touch of tertiary development. Worthwhile keeping, this!

Recommended 87 Points


April 4th – Shingle Peak Chardonnay Marlborough 2015 – $

13.5% ABV, and a pale gold colour. Simple and fresh aroma of lemon. No discernible oak or malo. Fresh and lively in the mouth. Simple with bright acid freshness. Not austere, not fleshy, this strides the middle ground. Uncomplicated and predictable.

Commended 85 Points

What’s in the glass today Feb 18th – Sauvignon Blanc

Dashwood Sav Blanc 2015

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2015 – $

In my opinion, this is one the best Marlborough Savs you can buy for under $20, and it can be bought for half that…

Pale straw. 13% alc.

The wine presents with a clean, fresh bouquet – cut grass, Turkish delight, lemon and cut limes.

In the mouth it starts with a dry attack, and builds crisp luscious flavours of green apples, green grass and red capsicum, and finishes on a spicy high. It tastes of long hot New Zealand summer days.

Great value. A seamless a Marlborough sauvignon blanc. You can’t see the joins.

VG 4

What’s in the glass tonight August 16th

Dashwood Sav Blanc 2013

Dashwood Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – $

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc is produced by Vavasour, and is part of Bill Foley’s stable of wine brands. Made from a blend of fruit from the Wairau and Awatere Valleys in Marlborough. It is quickly building a great reputation as a quality sav at a super-value price – I picked this one up for $10 a bottle.

This is the third vintage I have written about, because I have enjoyed the previous two very much. I am looking forward to seeing if it extends its run of form. Considering that this wine won a Pure-Gold award at the Air NZ Wine Awards, and from reports of the vintage, it probably will…

First off there is the light nose of cut grass, green apple and melon. Very pure and clean. Light straw colour. 13%.

Bright, fresh and dry in the mouth; as was the 2012, not as crisp as other Marl savs, being a little softer and simpler. That is not say that I don’t see some citrus and capsicum flavours, but mostly I see plenty of passionfruit and feijoa. I read elsewhere that this is an expression of the Awatere fruit. Or terroir? Balanced. A long finish. Yum. 4

I read on Cellartracker that The Drunken Cyclist, fellow wine blogger, liked it also. Good man!


What else was in the glass on my ski holiday

CJ Pask Gimblett Syrah 2008

From the cellar: CJ Pask Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2009 – $$

An apres-ski tipple with my fellow RSC club members out on our sunny deck. Note the snow level, and compare to previous post…

Some wines prove not meant for keeping. They are meant to be consumed young. This turned out to be one of those for me. The wine was ok, and the quality fruit and winemaking that went into it meant the aging did it no harm. But neither did cellar time move it along much.

Deep scarlet. 12%. Medium-weight. The wine was unremarkable with little nose and only red fruits to taste. It had dried out a little, and not developed any pronounced age characters to replace the fruit freshness. It would have been better in 2011 I think, though the winery website says it was good for another couple of years yet. 3

Sebastiani Zinfandel 2009 in the snow

Sebastiani Sonoma County Zinfandel 2009 – $$

See my post Sept 9th – more US deliciousness…and see the snow level lessen. This has not been a stellar season up at Whakapapa skifield. 4.5

Dashwood Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012 – $

This was consumed at L’s ski-club lower down the mountain another night. This was the real deal as far as cheap, light, fresh, fragrant PNs go. A treat. Bright pinot ruby. 14%. Good bouquet. Ripe red cherries in the mouth. Yum, drink it young and in the sun. Gold medal winner. 3.5

And all the snow melted around my lodge..

Straight to the Pool Room – Aug 2013

Pool Room Aug 2013

Another recommendation from GK, and two recommended by my slim bank balance:

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2010 – $$ – drink 2015-2017

Kumeu Village Chardonnay 2010 – $ – drink 2014

Dashwood Marlborough Chardonnay 2012 – $ – drink 2015