What’s in the glass tonight June 12th – Chardonnay

Millton Crazy By Nature Chard 2016

Millton Crazy By Nature Shotberry Vineyard Chardonnay Gisborne 2016 – $

An organic wine from the Gisborne biodynamic vigneron. Their easy-drinking fun mid-week wine brand.

12.5% alc. Mid-gold in colour.

Soft, sweet and ripe golden stonefruit bouquet, with scents of orange and orange peel, citrus sharpness on the nose, a mineral note, and wild herbs. Distinctive aromas, funky.

Soft mouthfeel, sweet and a little flabby with the malo treatment. Lacks a little focus. Shows the ‘sore-throat’ roughness at the back of the throat that some Chardonnays exhibit. Not sure why that is. A tingly feel in the mouth. Viscous and textural, but also so light. Could have been picked earlier I think.

Recommended 85 points.

What’s in the glass tonight March 28th – Chardonnay

Millton Shotberry Chardonnay 2014

Millton Crazy By Nature Shotberry Chardonnay Gisborne 2014 – $$

Millton is a biodynamic producer, and one of my favourites. I love what they do, and their Gisborne property is a jewel.

Brilliant gold colour. 13.5% alc.

A funky, woody, musky nose. Burnt caramel, cashew and ripe peach.

Somewhat angular at first look, then opens out to balanced fruit and acid. Flavours of autumn-fall apricots and warm nuts. Strong fruit through the mid palate, leading to a strong  bitter finish. It resonates.

92 points


What’s in the glass tonight July 8th

Millton Shotberry Chardonnay 2011

Millton Crazy By Nature Shotberry Gisborne Chardonnay 2011 – $$

Wow, this is a weird wine. After tasting so many older, dry or lighter style wines lately, it is a real wake-up call to try this sweet fruit bomb.

Millton are one of my favourite producers. They are organic and bio-dynamic. They run a beautiful cellar door. I think they make fruity and flavoursome wines with flair and class.

Because of Milltons bio-dymanic cultivation methods, I suspect that their results differ from other more conventional wineries. Or I reckon so if this wine is anything to go by…

It is very big and volatile on the nose, and with the yellow gold colour, makes me think it is a mature sweet riesling. In the mouth I get lashings of white peach and ripe apricot and honey. I swear there is some viognier in there too…oak as well, but no malo.

Although the wine is a blend of fruit from two vineyards –the Millton Riverpoint and Opou vineyards – I still think I am tasting a true expression of terroir, and that has to be applauded!

This is a really interesting and unique Chardonnay. Not a sophisticated drop, but bottled sunlight. 4.5