What’s in the glass tonight June 9th – White Burgundy

Olivier Leflaive Les Setilles Bourgogne 2013

Off Topic: Olivier Leflaive Les Sétilles Bourgogne 2013 – $$$+

I bought this bottle to take to a friend’s 70th and share with L. I thought it was a bit funky at first, and perhaps faulty, but friends who have a good nose tried it and agreed that this wine was pretty good. Fine minerality, a steely austere quality, and crisp acidity. Delish!

Unfortunately L didn’t like it much. I have my eye on a Marsanne/Rousanne Northern Rhone blend for next time – she might like that better!

Highly recommended 90 points

Two nights I won’t ever get back – what’s in the glass tonight April 11th

Dom Anne Gros Bourgogne 2011

Off Topic: Dom. Anne Gros Bourgogne 2011 – $$$+

I popped into my local bottlestore to get another good pinot. I had my head set on a Greywacke from Marlborough, because I knew it would rock my world.

But, while there I looked over the French wines on offer, and was too-easily persuaded to give this wine a try instead. I was told Domaine Anne Gros was a great producer, and although this was just a Bourgogne-level wine, was great value for it. Still, it cost me more than the Greywacke would have…

Ruby colour. 12.5%. Earthy ordinaire nose.

On palate the wine is solid and well-structured, robust for a Pinot Noir, tasting of red berries and plums, with drying tannins. Pleasant drinking, and it had enough depth and fruit to hold the second night without fading. So that was good. More B-side than A-side tho.

What wasn’t so good was that the bottle still cost more than a quality brand NZ pinot would have, and I didn’t learn much about Bourgogne wine from drinking it, other than it wasn’t that special. It wasn’t perfumed, it wasn’t floral, it wasn’t that earthy earthy either. I’m not convinced it even tasted foreign.

I know that if I spend $200 on a ‘name’ Burgundy like Faively I would get a great drop. But I don’t want to spend that much. So what I am left with is the knowledge that that was two nights of wine appreciation and $50+ that I won’t ever get back. I won’t fall into the trap again. If I want a good Pinot, I must remember, buy local; buy local: Buy Local.

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