What’s in the glass tonight Jan 3rd– Sauvignon Blanc

Allan Scott Generations SB 2015

Allan Scott Generations Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2015 – $$

Pale gold colour – warmer looking than your typical Marlborough Sav. 12.5% alc.

Prescence of oak on the nose. Open and fresh, complex and aromatic. Soft golden fruit aromas, with a hint of flint.

Sweet front on the palate. Full of flavour. Crisp complex acid mouthfeel and a fine fruit finish of apples and lemons and orange peel. A delicious example.

Highly Recommended 90 points

What’s in the glass at the Graperide Weekend 2016 – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Grape Crushing 2016

As I have written about in an earlier post, riders taking part in the Graperide are given a complimentary bottle of Forrest Estate “100 Virgins” Pinot Noir at registration if they took part in the previous year’s event.

The “100 Virgins” refer to a group of women who have volunteered to manually crush grapes in a huge vat set up beside the event stage at prizegiving. The resulting juice is added to a larger pressing that is bottled under the Graperide 100 Virgins label, and given away the next year. The women get a t-shirt for their troubles, and access to showers to wash off (they end up covered head to foot in sticky grape juice).

Forrest 100 Virgins Pinot Noir 2013

I have ridden this event six years in a row now, and have built up a collection of these complimentary Pinot Noir wines. They aren’t the producer’s finest work, to be fair, and don’t benefit much from cellaring.

I brought along a 10th anniversary 100 Virgins 2013 bottle from the  Pool Room to enjoy at the traditional Pot Luck Friday night pre-race dinner at Bings Motel – a “no-frills” establishment we delight in staying at.

The wine was nothing to write home about (and served in a tumbler – no wine glasses at Bings…). Red cordial is the best descriptor. It did taste a little better at home after 48 hours opened. Decanting obv. helped.

79 points.

Allan Scott Wallops Chardonnay 2014

At dinner on Saturday night at the Twelve Trees restaurant, L and I shared a bottle of Allan Scott Wallops Chardonnay 2014. This wine engaged all the senses – a complex wine with aromas of ripe stonefruit, oatmeal, warm toasty oak and herbs; a good line of acidity leading  to a pleasant long and bitter finish.

90 points.

Interestingly, the latest vintage of the GR100VPN2015 tasted not bad…a young wine…but as the vines age, so the wine improves…


What’s in the glass tonight March 28th

Tarbabies dinner 2015

The Tarbabies Graperide Dinner 2015

Most of the usual suspects from the cycling crew I roll with rocked up to the Twelve Trees Restaurant at the Allan Scott Vineyard to enjoy a communal dinner Saturday night following our exploits competing in this year’s Graperide 101km Cycle event.

L and I finished safely together in a time of 3hrs 15mins. A number of my mates were away competing in another event – the Gentle Annie. Ride reports flowed in by text from them as our evening progressed, and we learnt the the Gentle Annie was better termed the Brutal Annie, due to the length and steepness of the many hills on the course! And the  DNFs!

Allan Scott Wallops Chardonnay 2012

L and I just relaxed with a bottle of Allan Scott The Wallops Chardonnay Marlborough 2013. A citrus perfumed nose, displaying somewhat austere minerality. Crisp apples and citrus flavours. Some mealiness. BTG 3+

Allan Scott Hounds Pinot Noir 2012

When our bottle ran out, I finished with a glass of Allan Scott The Hounds Pinot Noir Central Otago 2013. 13%. Herby fruity nose with spices – really nice bouquet. Nice zesty black cherry flavours. VG 4

What’s in the glass tonight June 21st

Allan Scott Marl Chardonnay 2012

It is the longest day of the year. And for some it has been a very very long day.

Outside my office window, icy storm-force gales are slowly abating as the worst storm to hit the Wellington region since the 1968 storm that sunk the Wahine moves away. My riding circuit – the south coast – has been smashed by 15m waves. Roofs have been dislodged, and trees ripped out of the ground all over. Ugly. My house got away with only damage to a gate (I think – have to check closely when I get home).

Phew. So now I’m having a wine. Is it safe to Drink and Work?

Allan Scott Marlborough Chardonnay 2012 – $$

Pale yellow. Light nose of peach and spice. Leggy. Fresh, creamy, apricots, bit of toasty oak. Appealing. 3