What’s in the glass tonight May 13th

Church Road HB Chardonnay 2009

From the Cellar: Church Road Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2009 – $

No wine in the house proper. Luckily we have a cellar, and this value-based purchase called out, “Drink me!

The fruit has backed off cos the oak is carrying a gun. I also see warming creamy buttery old nutty spicy characters in mouth. Butterscotch toffee. Full-bodied.

Mature biscuity nose. Vanilla. Apricots. French wood.

Bright yellow in the glass, showing some oxi evidence. 14% and leggy.

Excellent drop for the paltry sum I was extorted for back when. A big satisfied yum-thumbs-up.

Yet another bottle with a hole in the bottom… 4