Hopstock 2018

Hopstock 1

Beer Beer Beer!

For the past few years, at around this time, Wellington craft brewers have curated a week-long beer festival with the theme of craft beer produced using freshly picked hops as an ingredient, and timed to closely follow and celebrate the NZ hop harvest. Like Beervana, it is has become a popular addition to the local beer calendar.

At Hopstock a brewer teams up with a participating craft beer bar, and offers one green hop beer on tap of their own recipe, using the hop(s) they prefer, which is then put on tap for as long as the keg(s) last.

Hopstock 2

Fans of the beers have to crawl from bar to bar trying the brews, marking them off against the list as they go.

I really like the bold passionfruit aromas that fresh hopped beers have. The style particularly suits IPA and NZ pacific pale ale styles of beer.

Hopstock 3

I tried about half a dozen beers over the week. My fav was the “Hops and Streams” Pale Ale on offer at the Tuatara Brewery Temple of the Third Eye. The good people there made a beer using foraged wild hops gathered in the hills overlooking Kapiti. Nice backstory. Lovely freshness, acidity, flavour and crunch.

Hopstock 4

I also liked the Double Vision Brewing Dr Green IPA served at MOON in Newtown. A zesty refreshing way to welcome the weekend.

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