Tau Hou Tau Hou!


Happy New Year!

I hope 2017 was a good year for you.

You might have noticed that towards the end of last year I dropped out of sight as far as this blog is concerned. I stopped blogging.

All my time outside of my job and family commitments has been spent  launching a new and small side-hustle venture: importing and selling online organic fine black teas under the brand “The Wellington Black Tea Company”. My website is here:


I love tea, and I particularly love tea from Assam in India. It has been a dream of mine to bring some into the country and try to sell it online.

But it’s been hard going. The online market is fairly mature in NZ, with plenty of competition. My teas are delicious, but sales are slow. Not many affordable opportunities to differentiate yourself to consumers apart from building a distinctive brand personality, and promoting it across social media. Which takes time and effort. And Google and FB ads are SO EXPENSIVE. But that’s another story.

I had to set up a stall at a weekly market to shift stock and boost my profile. It has been hard work standing up on my feet all day selling, but it’s been a wonderful learning opportunity (as this all has been), so that’s all good. I have learned that my customers like my tea, and that is most gratifying.

But I have still been drinking wine, to unwind(!), and recording my thoughts. I hope to upload some backdated posts here on the site over the next few weeks, and achieve a better work/life/tea/wineblog balance!

In the meantime, tau hou tau hou. May this year bring health and happiness to you and yours. Thanks for reading, and for all your comments this year.

Nga mea pai katoa ki a koe.

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