What’s in the glass tonight August 9th – Party Party!

L Party wines

Happy Birthday L!

We held a quiet dinner party for a few friends for L’s birthday. Nothing too fancy on the food front, Lasagne, but good wine and cheer…

We enjoyed a few great bottles! Firstly I opened a bottle of Martinborough Vineyard Chardonnay 2012 (Decanter rated it most highly of New World Chardonnays) which showed an attractive reductive character (well, I like it anyway), then a Ch. Siaurac Pomerol 2010 that I bought en primeur a while ago, which was dense and rich. G bought a number of intriguing half bottles, including two Lakes Folly Cabernets 2009 and 2011, two very expressive Aussie cabernet blends, if a little angular in these vintages, and R and D brought over a fav – Elephant Hill Le Phant Rouge 2014. Yum!

I think there was another oaky Chardonnay in there somewhere as well, a bottle of my own beer for everyone to have a taste, and some coconut Vodka from Fiji for afters…

We didn’t finish everything, but I still felt a little dusty the next day…

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