Beer Taste-Off!

beer off

A number of my colleagues had been brewing beer at the Occasional Brewer around the same time as I had. So we arranged to have a combined shared tasting when the beers were ready for drinking, and see whose beer was most liked.

Mysterioso (2)

There was bit pressure to create a cool label too, so I came up with the moniker “Mysterioso”, as I wasn’t sure what was in the bottle…(see previous post).

We tasted through the options, including a pilsner not pictured called “Some Piss”. We also tried an aged Porter, and an aged Weiss beir from someone’s beer cellar, which were great.  All the beers tasted delicious, especially Allan and Niraj’s Ferociously Strong Stout, but the winner for both flavour and label was Jen and Jax’s Incredibly Pretentious Ale. Well done the ladies! Drink Local!

Mine tasted great, BTW. Thanks for asking.


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