What’s in the cup tonight – Nespresso


I don’t just drink booze. I have been known to drink water from the tap, and from a bidon, and sparkling soda water from our Sodastream. I love strong tea, and usually start and finish my day with a brew. I am even starting a side-hustle selling tea online, and am waiting on my first order of stock to arrive from Assam, India.

But L surprised me by bringing a Nespresso coffee pod machine home. I have avoided this product ever since it came out. I like George Clooney enough to give it a try, but I have a problem with the resources required to make the little aluminium pods, and the wastage that occurs after use – I am sure nowhere near all pods are recycled. Anyway L wanted a machine for her office to cut down on her coffee expenses, so we both went along to the local Nespresso boutique and tasted through a number of their varieties. The coffees tasted a lot better than I expected, and I got a serious coffee jittery buzz going after three lungo cups. I was hooked. I bought a ten-trip of Dharkan pods, and am now a convert. And ram ecycling our leftover pods…


  1. I got a Nespresso a couple years ago. Apparently George has street cred here too. Love it. Still brew a pot in the morning to give me my fix but come afternoon, I either have a decaf Nespresso or get wild and have a full caf cup. I got the frother too but I don’t take milk, so it was a wasted purchase.

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