Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk


L and I tramped around Lake Waikaremoana in the Te Urewera national park over Christmas. Our kids were all with their other parents, so rather that sit around home by ourselves, we thought to head out into the bush for a 4-day circuit of the lake.


Waikaremoana from Panekire

Along the way we saw some fantastic sights, and met some lovely people. The walk was strenuous in parts, but we were blessed with great weather.


Korokoro Falls

This IS a wine blog…the evening meals in the hut were accompanied by a glass of canned wine we bought in a supermarket in Nelson for just this occasion (empty tins are MUCH lighter to carry out than glass)…


The Charlatan Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough – $

13% alc.

Sharp nose through the plastic of the cup, with green apples and capsicum. Lightly fruited in the mouth, with a strong line of citrus. Some sweetness on attack. Astringent finish. Sharp is the key word here. Ok.

Commended – 83 points


L crossing the Korokoro Stream

And in the Waikaremoana Club on the final day I enjoyed a good simple cool bottle of beer to celebrate the finish of the walk. Yum.


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