The Story of New Zealand Wine


My lovely L gave me the perfect book for my birthday, the brand new Story of New Zealand Wine – the Land, the Vines, the People by Warren Moran.

For half a century, geographer and wine enthusiast Warren Moran has followed the development of the industry, talked to the winemakers and tasted the wines. In this book, he provides an introduction to New Zealand wine: the climate, soils, and geography our winemakers work with; the grape varieties; and the personalities, families and companies who have made the wine and the industry. Illustrated with three-dimensional maps of regions and localities and photographs of the vineyards, the wines, and the winemakers, this is a must for all of those interested in understanding the extraordinary wines of New Zealand.

The opening para:

I had a ‘sophisticated’ introduction to New Zealand wine when, in 1957, I walked into Paul Groshek’s tasting room in Candia Road, West Auckland, to interview him as part of my Master’s thesis on the New Zealand wine industry. Before I asked any questions, Groshek proceeded to teach me a thing or two. Grasping an open, but re-corked, bottle of Corbans Dry Red table wine resting on a noggin of his unlined tasting room, he poured a small serving into the tapered 5-ounce beer glass o fthe time and passed it to me to taste. I sipped and commented circumspectly. From a half-gallon jar, he then glugged a larger serving of his own red table wine, Albonez, into my glass. Again I was circumspect. Unimpressed by my commentary on the wines, he poured some of the Corbans Dry Red into his own glass, took a mouthful and promptly sprayed it all over the room, exclaiming, ‘Jesus-a-Christ, boy, bloody vinegar!’, and threw the rest away. He refilled his glass with Albonez, appraised its robe and bouquet, and at the first sip extolled, ‘Jesus-a-Christ, boy, bloody nectar!’

Looking forward to deep-diving into this one!

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