Bordeaux 2015, in anticipation

Bordeaux 2015

The wine society I belong to buys wines and cellars them until the date that our Cellarmaster think the wines will be drinking at their peak, at which point they then get hauled out blinking in the lamplight for our tasting and appreciation and discourse.

I was looking through the latest newsletter, and idly noting the latest acquisitions to our cellar, when I noticed a few of the wines had got a write-up in my latest copy of Decanter….

The June issue (a bit late arriving down these parts, something about shipping delays etc) covered the 2015 vintage of Bordeaux. Steven Spurrier was quoted as declaring that “Bordeaux is back” in 2015, with “a sure-bet vintage that ticks all the boxes, producing great wines across the region”. He said, “Some great wines have been made, and I feel that 2015’s reputation will grow”.

He and his crack team of drinkers were sent forth to wrap their laughing gear around a whole bunch of classy wines, and report back their findings. And I must say some of the wines looked rather good. And I think we bought some. So I checked.

We bought:

2015 Ch. Rauzan Segla Margaux 2CC, $103.00ea – Decanter sez 95 points

2015 Ch. Belair Monange St Emilion 1GCCB at $152.00ea – Decanter sez 94 points

2015 Ch. La Fleur Petrus Pomerol at $205.00ea – Decanter sez 93 points

2015 Ch. Trotanoy Pomerol at $225.00ea – Decanter sez 96 points!

2015 Ch. Haut Bailly Graves at $133.00 – Decanter sez 97 points, and Graves Wine of the Vintage!!

2015 Ch. Vieux Chateau Certan Pomerol at $310.00ea – Decanter sez 97 points!

Good news! We bought enough to go around.

Bad News! We won’t be tasting these bad bois until 2028.

F**n hell. Best keep passing those open windows, then.

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