What’s in the glass tonight August 13th – Chardonnay

Bogle Chardonnay 2014

Off Topic: Bogle Vineyards Chardonnay Clarksburg California 2014 – $$

Pale lemon gold. 13.5% alc.

Quite a barnyard nose, but not oxidative or reductive. A leggy hot chardy. Nice flavours and acid balance. Simple mouthfeel and texture. Apricots and ground almond notes. Reasonably long and pleasant aftertaste. Nice enough.

85 points


    • It was odd, and you make a fair point. I do like wines that have something weird about them cos it gets me thinking. And I enjoy that more than just sticking to writing about the standard simple clean Chardys. There was enough good things going on that I thought it merited a higher score than maybe someone else might give. My wife has been buying a bit of Bogle the past few weeks, so I have become used to its eccentricities. The funny thing is that American wines are hard to find here and are certainly not seen as grocery wines. I wish I could try more cos wines from other countries taste so different. Cheers!

    • You got me thinking. I reviewed my notes, and reevaluated the wine down a few places. I tend to be overly generous anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

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