What’s in the glass tonight July 19th – Pinot Noir

The Luminary PN 2013

The Luminary Pinot Noir Martinborough 2013

Another wine beginning with The…

Pinot Ruby. 14% alc. Ex Palliser Estate, tho it doesn’t show up on the website. Probably third tier.

At first look the wine was aromatic, tending stalky. Red cherries and brown paper. Slight notes of spice and savouryness.

Slightly under-ripe red fruits, lean and tannic. Bright and brash mouthfeel. Unbalanced with too much acid. This will probably look much better tomorrow, or with vigorous decanting….

…and it did. I saw on the second night more attractive, smoky savoury expression and fruit on the nose that masked the green tinge somewhat. This fruit then showed through on the palate. Much better, although I’d say this is a wine priced for immediate quaffage straight from bottle to glass.

Even if this wine does somewhat under-deliver, it goes to prove that it is hard to make a bad wine from Martinborough grapes.

85 points

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