What’s in the glass tonight March 12/13th – Chardonnay, Viognier

Secret de Lunes Chardonnay

Off Topic: Secret De Lunes Vignobles JeanJean Pays D’oc Chardonnay 2014 & Viognier 2015

Imported direct from the co-op by Regional Wines and Spirits, and being simple, value wines showcasing pure fruit and a minimum of winemaking artifice.

The Chardonnay was great sunny afternoon drinking. Un-oaked, the fruits flavours were light, clean and refreshing. The European provenance added a nice touch of difference from the usual fruity Chardy’s we drink from NZ.


Secret de Lunes Viognier

The Viognier the next day was great over dinner. A good food wine. Not complicated, with open sweet fruit flavours, & that viognier spiciness, but not in a bold style. Un-oaked. Lovely.

VG 4


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