What’s in the glass tonight November 22nd – a brace of craft beers


Garage Project GP Draught – 4.3%

Draught beer is the iconic Kiwi beer. I learnt to drink this stuff from quart-size bottles. It was sugary and fizzy, and was low alcohol by today’s craft beer standards.

Here is the Garage Project’s take on the style. Presented as the ‘official’ beer of the Phoenix Foundation ‘Give Up Your Dreams’ NZ tour. A great label design – these guys really know how to package their brews…


Very full and flavoursome, the fizzy attack is all there, and fresh malty flavours at the death. Yum yum! I’m gonna get more.

North End 1

North End Brewery Super Alpha Pacific Pale Ale – 5.0%

I loved the hand-pulled ale these guys served up at Beervana. Here is another of their brews, named after the ‘Super Alpha’ variety of NZ hop. And another great can design.

North End 2

A light bodied pale ale. Fresh and lean, with notes of coriander and lemongrass. Hoppy. Bitter. A long finish. I should have had this ale before the draught. It fared poorly due to its lesser flavour intensity compared to the GPD, and tasted a little weird. Personally I’m not much of a fan of outlier ingredients in beer – this had coriander seeds in the brew.

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