What’s in the glass tonight November 14th – an Orvieto


Off Topic: Cerquetta Orvieto Classico DOC – $$

A tough day in the shit (literally). A week ago our house sewer drain broke and our toilet backed up. Me and my mate M dug down and exposed the broken earthenware pipe so that our plumber could replace it, which was hard enough work on its own, but now we had two tonne of surplus concrete, clay and ‘decaying’ earth from the excavations to dispose of…

…So, me, L and the kids spent most of the day filling up a wheelbarrow, pushing it out to a trailer on the street, shoveling the stuff out of the barrow, hauling the full trailer to the local landfill, and shoveling the stuff back out. Every kilo of earth was touched four times on its journey from hole to landfill. Groan.

I needed a drink to finish. L kindly bought a bottle of this wine for us to try for the first time.

Cerquetta Orvieto

Brilliant gold colour. 12.5%. No vintage specified on the label.

Somewhat angular phenolic nose. Citrus, almonds and golden stonefruit. Bready.

Fruit flavours were a bit thin. Toasted nuts, almonds, vaguely burnt. Minerality, honey and citrus acidity.

A ‘famous’ wine it says on the label. Not to my taste. I’ll pass.


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