What’s in the glass tonight October 10th

Moet vs Deutz

Moet vs Deutz

L and I and the kids popped over to where the Aussies were staying and shared a last meal with them before they flew back home on Sunday.

Chippies, oven-baked spring rolls, take away pizzas. We provided the bubbles: generous wedding gifts – NV Moet & Chandon Brut from Rheims, and NV Deutz Methode Brut from Marlborough. I thought it would be interesting to compare them side-by-side – local fizz vs French fizz, in plasticware…

The Moet was ripe and fresh and clean with fine bubbles. It had a really delicious attack and went down dangerously easily with little of the Champagne bitter finish.  On the other hand, the Deutz in comparison tasted more tart and angular, less ripe. The bubbles were coarser and the overall impression was somewhat more muscular and less refined. Interesting. This perhaps shows the effect of winemaking style, vine age and vintage ripeness, but is probably one of the few situations where a higher price does deliver an appropriate reward.

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