What’s in the glass tonight September 4th


Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc Avery Vineyard Marlborough 2014 – $$

This is an interesting experiment.

I opened this wine a week ago. I took only a tiny glass from it, then sealed it up, left it in the work fridge, and walked away. And now I’m back. Stool pigeon! Cha cha cha cha…

Pale green brilliantine straw. 13% alc.

The wine is clearly not in its full flush of youth – i.e. just opened. But it is good. It comes across as a softer style of Sauvignon Blanc, very food-friendly. Aromas of cut grass, red capsicum, boiled confectionery. Flavours of limes, green apples, passionfruit. Very clean, very linear.

Not sure what it is like really. For those who buy this wine to drink immediately, it may appear fresher, more lively, more acidic. But my memory tells me it stayed pretty close to what I remembered a week ago.

BTG 3+

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