What’s in the glass tonight Aug 26th

Ara Pathway PN 2011

From the Cellar: Ara Pathway Single Estate Pinot Noir Marlborough 2011

Ara Wines say on their website, “As if New Zealand wasn’t already on the edge of the earth, welcome to Wairau Valley, Marlborough. At 41.38S 173.57E, we’re literally on the edge of the edge. Slightly elevated, with rugged mountains on either side and two icy rivers cutting through, it’s a pretty extreme place. The very definition of raw, cool climate conditions. It’s even hard to get here, unless you know roads that aren’t on any map. To say this presents challenges to grape and man, would be an understatement. But in winemaking as in life, challenges build character – and strong character makes great wines.”

This wine is their first tier Pinot Noir. A gift from S.

Deep carmine crimson. 13.5%.

An involving floral nose, with aromas of buddleia, cherries, and dusty earth. More savoury the second night…

In the mouth, a lighter-weight wine with moderate intensity and fine tannins. A raspy acid line on attack. Black cherries and a bit of herbaceous leafiness on the back palate. Medium length.

Rewarding, easy drinking.

BTG 3+

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