What’s in the glass tonight July 27th

Little Penguin Chardonnay 2011

The Little Penguin Chardonnay New Zealand 2011 

The brainchild of our current Prime Minister, we are currently going through the quixotic process of devising and selecting an alternative design for national ensign to replace our current flag. Apparently it is too similar to the Australian one, even though ours came into being slightly before theirs. We need a new one according to the Great and Good! We aren’t planning to ditch the Queen as Head of State, but that doesn’t seem to be an impediment. And never mind the diggers who fought and died under it either, so it seems.

I suspect it is all a ruse to distract us from the current TPPA negotiations, anyway. They aren’t going well for us – we are being sold a lemon I fear.

Anyway, the primary difficulty I see in this flag-change process is attempting to distill the essence of our national identity, and express it in simple shapes and colours upon a piece of rectangular cloth, the same on both sides, when we still don’t know ourselves, and are still growing as a nation, dammit. How can one thing be all things to all people?

Which brings me to this cheeky little Chardy from Treasury Wine Estates. I see no region identified on the label. Just “New Zealand”. Is this wine just a whole-of-country blend? Or is it attempting to express the very essence of NZ winemaking craft within one slender bottle? A bold idea, but it didn’t work out. We can do much better than this…

It’s yellow for a start. As piss. More than a hint of oxidation on bouquet. I would blame poor cellaring by someone for that. 12.5% alc.

It is soft in the mouth. A bit thin. A bit biscuity. Some bright citrus flavours and burnt caramel. But distinctly average.

Just Ok 2+

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