What’s in the glass tonight July 8th

Matua Valley Res Syrah 2010

From the Cellar: Matua Valley Reserve Syrah Hawkes Bay 2010 – $$

This wine is closely related to the Matua Matheson 2013 that swept all before it at the recent 2013 Hawkes Bay Syrah tasting I took part in.

I bought a couple of bottles way-back-when, on the recommendations of the Great and Good, including Geoff Kelly. I drank one in 2013 and loved it, and thought to crack this to share with a good friend of L’s who came around for dinner. A good call.

Inky black carmine. 14%. Soft dominant vanilla bouquet, all home baking and black fruits. Smelled amazing.

Delicious flavours of black cherries, plums. Lovely spice note and fine white pepper. Quite sweet on the fore palate. Rich, dense. very very good. and cheap! I paid $18 for this.

And was good fuel for pondering some alterations to the house…


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