What’s in the glass tonight July 6th

Ohau River Sav Blanc 2012

Ohau River Sauvignon Blanc Manakau 2012 – $

This wine was a steal down my local Pak ‘N Save supermarket. They were giving it away at $7.99.

I like this producer. I have bought a few wines from them these past few years, and I usually pay $15-20 more.

This is an older Savvy.  A ‘tweenie’ in Sav Blanc years…

Pale Gold. 13.5% alc.

Surprisingly sweet nose. Bright acidity. Notes of coriander leaf and celery stalk. A less aggressive style than you would see out of Marlborough. But that could be the bottle age.

Dominant grapefruit flavours on front palate. Freshness is softened a little by the age. Nice Granny Smith apple quality finish to the wine.

Pleasant quaffage, and a bargain.

BTG 3+

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