L surprised me with a short holiday in Fiji. Well, not really a surprise – I had known that we were going somewhere, just not where. I had suspected Sydney…

…And the reason wasn’t a surprise either. I asked L to marry me, and she said yes! I am a very proud man. And so, this trip was a short one in celebration, in advance of the wedding itself.

A good friend gifted us cash for a bottle of Champagne to take along with us. L chose a bottle of Ruinart…

Ruinart Blanc de Blanc

Off Topic: Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Brut NV Rheims

Fresh citrus nose, toastiness, fine bubbles and creaminess. Yum.

Fiji Beer

Otherwise I drank Fiji Premium lager beer. 5.2%. Works with oysters.

Broken Shackle Dry White

One night I had a glass of Broken Shackle Dry White Wine. A blend of perhaps NZ Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.  Sounds like it should have been terrible, but everything tastes great on holiday on the Western shore of Viti Levu.

Fire Dance Fiji

I even had a couple of cups of Grog, or Fijian Kava. Happy clappy. It made my lips go numb.

Happy days.

Alas, I was also fed a local strain of Campylobacter, so my time since back in NZ has been somewhat uncomfortable for me, and for those close by…


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