What’s in the glass tonight April 5th

Hatten Anggur Rose Bali NV

Off Topic: Hatten Wines Anggur Rosé Bali NV – $$$+

This is a wine from Bali. I didn’t know they made wine in Bali. L ordered this bottle of Rosé with dinner at our hotel in Leggian. I hadn’t drunk a glass of wine in-country up to that point, as the choice was either Wolf Blass Yellow Label or…nothing. Bintang pils became my default drink of choice. We didn’t finish it at dinner (L thought it was undrinkable) so I brought I back to our room and did my own assessment the following evening.

Salmon Blush. 11%

Light approachable Rosé aromatic character.

Very light-bodied wine, almost no discernable fruit. Thin but not bitter. Just an absence of flavour. Slightly odd. Does this mean dry heat is best for good grapes? Cos Bali has not much of that…

Gotta give marks for trying. Not sure how it got a CSWA Award in 2013 tho. 2

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