What’s in the glass tonight March 10th

Astrolabe Kekerengu Coast SB 2011

Astrolabe Kekerengu Coast Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2011 – $$

Astrolabe, founded by Simon Waghorn in 1996, produce some of the region’s ‘reference’ Sauvignon Blanc wines that emerge from Marlborough province.

Astrolabe is named for the ship L’Astrolabe that the French adventurer and naval officer Jules Dumont d’Urville sailed in when he explored the inlets of the Marlborough Sounds in the 1820’s.

This Kekerengu Coast wine showcases one of the sub-regions of Marlborough. The winemakers say this area achieves budburst first, but is often last to be harvested, off limestone soils.

First off, the wine shows some bottle age. This is older than most Sav’s I drink. Light gold colour. 13%. Nose reminiscent of white Burgundy, almost Meursault, with notes of passionfruit and lemongrass, quite peculiar in it’s way, very thought-provoking, but still clean and restrained. Wild fermented.

This restraint continues in the mouth, the fruit is held back, almost austere. Shows minerality and finesse. Drying. Would be great with oysters. Very intriguing and complex Sauvignon Blanc. Love it!

This producer could be my find of 2015, I reckon. Should drink another bottle of this to see if it is true to type. Will definitely try some of the other SB variants this company offers as well…

VG 4

What’s in the glass tonight March 8th

Two Rivers Rose 2014

Two Rivers L’ile De Beauté Rosé Marlbrough 2014 – $$

This wine is named for Corsica, the ‘Isle of Beauty’  where the Two Rivers winemaker David Clouston spend three years learning to make Rosé.

Deep salmon pink. 12.5%. Made from Pinot Noir grapes.

Light nose of Golden Delicious apples and Bosc pears.

Medium fruit weight, strawberries and raspberries, quite fresh in the mouth. Slight celery character on finish. Tasty wine.

BTG 3+


What’s in the glass tonight March 7th

Pegasus Bay Riesling 2009

From the Cellar: Pegasus Bay Riesling Waipara 2009 – $$$

The Donaldson family have really made a name for themselves in making great aromatic wines in the Waipara Valley, and in particular, for their Rieslings.

This wine is a bright yellow colour. Showing some age. 11.8% alcohol.

Evocative nose, with rich Riesling characters – ripeness, tangy-ness, Turkish delight, honey, touch of Botrytis.

Not made in a mineral style. Sweet in the mouth. A sharp spritz around the edge of the palate. Lots of Manuka honey on first impression, followed by ripe peaches. A fine wine for savouring. Very very long and intense flavoursome finish.

Bought on reputation, this really lived up to the hype.

Not great with our meal of Jerk Chicken, but came into it’s own with the artisanal chocolates from Bohemein.



What’s in the glass tonight March 6th

Dom Houchart 2013

Off Topic: Dom. Houchart Cotes Du Provence 2013 – $$

This Famile Quiot Rosé is light salmon pink. 13%. Nose of light strawberries, sugar and nougat.

Flavours of sweet apples and strawberries, Typical slight vegetal bitter rose characters. Mid-length wine. A gold medal awarded Rosé in Europe. L liked it.

BTG 3+


Wines of New Zealand

Nasa NZ sunlight

Here is a lovely Nasa picture of central New Zealand from orbit. Doesn’t it look nice? You can’t quite see my house, but it is down there. Near the squiggly bit in the middle…

You can’t see the 700 wineries and vineyards that produce the vinous goods here in Godzone either. Not that you’d know that there were 700 producers in NZ (circa 2013) from the contents of my blog. I seem to only drink and write about the efforts of as little as 30-odd winemakers. But from necessity I buy from supermarkets, and that’s where the Big Beasts roam. And thusly there tends to be reduced diversity. So I tend to drink the same old stuff. It’s just the vintage year that changes on the labels. I do buy other stuff, but those bottles tend to be put to sleep in the Pool Room, and you will have to hang about a bit, Dear Reader, before you will get to read about them….

I want to expand my repertoire. I’ll need to commit more resources to the challenge, as smaller wineries tend to deliver wines in the $20-30 range and above, but here goes:

Here is the list I am working from. The names in bold are those producers I have already drunk and/or blogged on. Maybe I’m not doing too badly…

36 bottles, Central Otago; 3 Stones, Marlborough; 8 Ranges Wines, Central Otago; Abbey Cellars, Hawke’s Bay; Akaroa Winery, Canterbury / Waipara Valle ; Akarua, Central Otago; Alexandra Wine Company, Central Otago; Allan Scott Family Winemakers, Marlborough; ALLUVIALE, Hawke’s Bay; Alpha Domus, Hawke’s Bay; Amisfield, Central Otago; Anchorage Family Estate, Nelson; Anthem Wines, Central Otago; Antills, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Antmoore Wineworks, Marlborough; Aorangi Road, Hawke’s Bay; Ara Wines, Marlborough; Archangel, Central Otago; Archer McRae, Wairarapa; Archer McRae Beverages Ltd; Archer McRae Beverages Ltd; Aronui Wines, Nelson; Artisan Wines Ltd, Auckland; Ascension Wine Estate, Auckland; Ash Ridge Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Ashwell Vineyards, Wairarapa; Ashwood Estate, Gisborne; Askerne Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Astrolabe Wines, Marlborough; Ata Mara, Central Otago; Ata Rangi, Wairarapa; Auburn Wines, Central Otago; Auntsfield Estate, Marlborough; Aurora Wines, Central Otago; Aurum Wines, Central Otago; Awanui Wines, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Central Otago; Awatere River by Louis Vavasour; Awatere River Wine Company, Marlborough

Babich Wines, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; BALD HILLS, Central Otago; Ballochdale Estate, Marlborough; Bannock Brae, Central Otago; Barker’s Marque Wine, Marlborough; Barrel Fence Cellars, Central Otago; Bascand Estate, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough; Bel Echo by Clos Henri, Marlborough; Bellbird Spring, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Bell Hill, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Big Sky Wines, Wairarapa; Bilancia, Hawke’s Bay; Birdlands Wine Company; Bishops Head, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Black Barn Vineyards, Hawke’s Bay; Blackenbrook Vineyard, Nelson; Black Estate, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Blackhouse Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Black Quail Estate, Central Otago; Bladen Wines, Marlborough; Blind River Estate, Marlborough; Bouldevines, Marlborough; Boundary Rider Wines, Marlborough; Brackens Order, Central Otago; Braided River, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Brancott Estate, Marlborough, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay; Brennan Wines, Central Otago; Brick Bay Wines, Auckland; Bridge Estate Vineyard, Gisborne; Bridge Pa Vineyard, Hawke’s Bay; BRIGHTSIDE, Nelson; Brightwater Gravels, Nelson; BRIGHTWATER VINEYARDS, Nelson; Brodie Estate, Wairarapa; Brunton Road Wines, Gisborne; Burn Cottage Vineyard, Central Otago; Bushmere Estate, Gisborne

Cable Bay Vineyards, Auckland, Marlborough, Central Otago; Cairnbrae, Hawke’s Bay; Cape Campbell Wines, Marlborough; CARRICK, Central Otago; Catalina Sounds, Marlborough; Cazan Wine; Ceres Wines, Central Otago; Chard Farm, Central Otago; CHARTERIS WINES, Central Otago; Churton, Marlborough; Cirro Wines, Marlborough; Clark Estate, Marlborough; Clearview Estate Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Clifford Bay, Marlborough; Clos Henri, Marlborough; Clos Marguerite, Marlborough; Clos St William Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Marlborough; Coal Pit Wine, Central Otago; Cobblestone Vineyards, Wairarapa; Collaboration Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Constellation Brands, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Contour Estate Vineyards Limited, Auckland; Coopers Creek Vineyard, Auckland, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Central Otago; Crab Farm Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Cracroft Chase Vineyard, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Craggy Range, Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Wairarapa; Crighton Estate, Marlborough; Crossroads Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Crush Pad Wines, Hawke’s Bay

Dancing Water, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Dashwood, Marlborough; Decibel Wines, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa; Delegat, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Destiny Bay, Auckland; Diamond Ridge, Hawke’s Bay; Distant Land, Auckland; Dog Point Vineyards, Marlborough; Dolbel Estate Wines Ltd., Hawke’s Bay; Domaine Rewa, Central Otago; DOMAIN ROAD VINEYARD, Central Otago; Drumsara Pinot, Central Otago; Drylands Wines, Marlborough; Dry River Wines, Wairarapa; Dunnolly Estate Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Durvillea Wines, Marlborough

Echolands Estate, Waikato ; Elephant Hill, Hawke’s Bay; Ellero, Central Otago; Eradus Wines, Marlborough; Escarpment, Wairarapa; Esk Valley Estate, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Eureka Wines, Marlborough; Explorer Central Otago Pinot Noir, Central Otago

Fairbourne Estate Ltd, Marlborough; Fairhall Downs Estate Wines, Marlborough; Fancrest Estate, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; FELTON ROAD, Central Otago; Forrest Wines, Marlborough; Four Hawk Day Wines, Marlborough; Foxes Island, Marlborough; Framingham Wines, Marlborough; Freeland Wines, Central Otago; French Peak Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Frizzell Wines Ltd, Hawke’s Bay; Fromm Winery, Marlborough; Front Row, Canterbury / Waipara Valley

Gate 20 Two, Central Otago; Gem, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Marlborough, Wairarapa; Georges Michel Wine Estate, Marlborough; Georges Road, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Georgetown Vineyard, Central Otago; Gibbston Highgate Estate, Central Otago; Gibbston Valley Wines, Central Otago; Giesen Wines, Marlborough, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Gisborne; Gisborne Garagiste Wine Company, Gisborne; Gladstone Vineyard, Wairarapa

Glazebrook, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Gisborne ; Goldie Wines, Auckland; Goldwater, Marlborough; Grasshopper Rock, Central Otago; Greenstone Point, Marlborough; Greylands Ridge Vineyard Ltd, Central Otago; Grey’s, Nelson; Greystone Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Greywacke, Marlborough; Groco Ltd, Gisborne; Grove Mill Winery, Marlborough; Gunn Estat;

Haha Wine, Hawke’s Bay; Hans Herzog Estate, Marlborough; Harakeke Farm, Nelson; Harvest Estate, Marlborough, Wairarapa; Hawkdun Rise Vineyard Accommodation, Central Otago; Hawkesbridge Wines, Marlborough; Hawkes Ridge Wine Estate, Hawke’s Bay; Hawksdrift Wine, Marlborough; Hawkshead Vineyard, Central Otago; Haythornthwaite Wines, Wairarapa; Heron’s Flight, Auckland; Highfield, Marlborough; Hihi Wines, Gisborne; Hilok, Central Otago; Homer Wines, Marlborough; Hopes Grove, Hawke’s Bay; House of Ball, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Huia Vineyards, Marlborough; Huntaway Reserve, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Central Otago; Hunter’s Wines, Marlborough; Hyperion Wines, Auckland

Invivo Wines, Marlborough, Central Otago; Isabel Vineyard, Marlborough

Jacks Canyon, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Jackson Estate, Marlborough; Johanneshof Cellars, Marlborough; Johner Estate, Wairarapa; Judge Rock Pinot Wines, Central Otago ; ules Taylor Wines, Marlborough

Kahurangi Estate, Nelson; Kaimira Estate, Nelson; Kalex Wines, Central Otago; Karikari Estate, Northland; Kennedy Point, Auckland; Kerner Estate Wines, Marlborough; Kerr Farm Wine, Auckland; Kim Crawford, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Central Otago; Kina Beach Vineyard, Nelson; Kina Cliffs, Nelson; Kingsmill Wines Limited, Central Otago; Kirkpatrick Estate Winery, Gisborne; Konrad, Marlborough; Kowhai Point, Auckland, Marlborough; Kumeu River, Auckland; Kurow Village

La Fong Wines Ltd, Auckland; Lake Chalice Wines, Marlborough; Lake Road Wines, Gisborne; Lamont Wines, Central Otago; Lawson’s Dry Hills Winery, Marlborough; Leaning Rock Vineyard, Central Otago; Liberty Wine; Lime Gully, Wairarapa; Lime Rock Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Lincoln, Auckland; Lindauer, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay; LINDEN ESTATE WINERY, Hawke’s Bay; Lismore Wines NZ Ltd, Marlborough, Central Otago, Nelson, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Hawke’s Bay; Little Black Stone, Marlborough; Lobster Reef Wines, Marlborough; Locharburn Estate and Wines, Central Otago; Lochar Estate, Central Otago; Lochiel Estate Vineyard and Winery, Northland; Longbush Wines, Gisborne; Loopline Vineyard, Wairarapa; Loveblock, Marlborough, Central Otago; Lowburn Ferry, Central Otago; Lumique Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley

Mahi, Marlborough; Mahurangi River Winery & Restaurant, Auckland; Maimai, Hawke’s Bay; Main Divide Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough; Man O’ War Vineyards, Auckland; Maori Point Vineyard, Central Otago; Map Maker Wines, Marlborough; Marble Point, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Margrain Vineyard, Wairarapa; Marisco Vineyards, Marlborough; MARK RATTRAY, Hawke’s Bay; Marlborough Single Vineyards Ltd., Marlborough; Marlborough Vines, Marlborough, Gisborne; Marlborough Vineyards Ltd, Marlborough; Martinborough Vineyard, Wairarapa; Matahiwi Estate, Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay; Matariki Wine;Matavino, Auckland; Matawhero Wines, Gisborne; Matua Wines, Auckland, Marlborough; MAUDE WINES, Central Otago; Maven Wines, Marlborough; Mazurans Vineyards, Auckland, Marlborough, Gisborne, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; McNaught & Walker, Marlborough; Melton Estate, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Messenger, Auckland; MIDDLE-EARTH™ Vineyards, Nelson; Milcrest Estate, Nelson; Mills Reef Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Millton Vineyards & Winery, Gisborne; MISHA’S VINEYARD, Central Otago; MISHA’S VINEYAR; Mission Estate Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Mister Righ; Misty Cove New Zealand, Marlborough, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Central Otago; Moana Park Estate Winery, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Mohua Wines, Marlborough; MOMO Wines, Marlborough; Mondillo, Central Otago; Monkey Bay, Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay; Monowai Estate Limited, Hawke’s Bay; Morton Estate Wines, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Mountain Breeze, Hawke’s Bay; Mount Brown, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Mount Edward, Central Otago; Mount Fishtail, Marlborough; Mountford Estate, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Mount Michael Wines, Central Otago; Mount Riley Wines, Marlborough; Moutere Hills Vineyard, Nelson; Mt Beautiful wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Mt Difficulty Wines, Central Otago; Mt Rosa, Central Otago, Central Otago; Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant, Auckland; Muddy Water Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Mud House, Marlborough, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Central Otago; Muirlea Rise, Wairarapa; Murdoch James Estate, Wairarapa;

Naked Vine Wines Ltd, Marlborough; Nautilus Estate of Marlborough, Marlborough; Neudorf Vineyards, Nelson; Nevis Bluff Wines, Central Otago; New Zealand Wine Portfolio, Hawke’s Bay; Ngatarawa Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Nga Waka, Wairarapa; No1 Family Estate, Marlborough; Nobilo, Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay; Northburn Station, Central Otago

Obsidian Vineyard, Auckland; O’Dwyers Creek Vineyard, Marlborough; Odyssey Wines, Gisborne, Marlborough ; hau Wine; Ohinemuri Estate, Waikato; Ohui Vineyard, Waikato; Okahu Estate, Northland; Omaka Springs Estates, Marlborough; Opawa Wines, Marlborough; Opihi Vineyard Ltd, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Organic Wine – Turanga Creek, Auckland; Orinoco Vineyards, Nelson; Osawa Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Ostle; O:TU & Co, Marlborough; Oyster Bay New Zealand

Palliser Estate Wines of Martinborough Ltd, Wairarapa; Pania of New Zealan; Paper Road, Wairarapa; Paritua Vineyards and Winery Ltd., Hawke’s Bay; Pask Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Pasqual; Passage Rock Wines, Auckland; Peacock Sky Vineyard, Auckland; Pear Tree Wines, Marlborough; Pegasus Bay Wine, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Pencarrow, Wairarapa; Peregrine Wines, Central Otago; Perseverance Estate Limited, Central Otago; Petit Clos by Clos Henri, Marlborough; pheasant cree; PISA RANGE ESTATE, Central Otago; Pohangina Valley Estate, Wairarapa; Point Bush Estates, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Ponder Wines, Marlborough; Poverty Bay Wine Estate Ltd, Gisborne; Poverty Bay Wine Estates Bridge Estate vineyar; Prophet’s Rock, Central Otago; Pukeora Estate, Hawke’s Bay; Puriri Hills, Auckland; Pyramid Valley Vineyards, Canterbury / Waipara Valley

Quartz Reef, Central Otago; Quest Farm, Central Otago; Q WINE

Ransom Wines, Auckland; Ra Nui Wines, Marlborough; Rapaura Springs, Marlborough; Red Leaf Winery, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Redmetal Vineyards, Hawke’s Bay; Renato Estate, Nelson; Richmond Plains, Nelson; Rimu Grove, Nelson; Rippon, Central Otago; Riverby Estate, Marlborough ; iverside Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Riwaka River Estate, Nelson; Rochfort Rees Wine Company Limited, Auckland, Bay of Plenty; Rockburn Wines Ltd, Central Otago; Rock Ferry Wines, Central Otago, Marlborough; Rocky Poin; Rod McDonald Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Rongopai Wines, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Ruby Bay Vineyard, Nelson; Runner Duck Estate Ltd, Auckland

Sacred Hill, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Sailfish Cove Wines, Northland; Saint Clair Family Estate, Marlborough; Salvare Estate, Hawke’s Bay; Sandihurst Winery, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough, Central Otago; Schist Hills, Central Otago; Schubert Wines, Wairarapa; Sea Level, Nelson; Seifried Estate, Nelson; Selaks, Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay; Seresin Estate, Marlborough; Shaky Bridge Wines, Central Otago; Sherwood Estate Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough; SHIPWRECK BAY WINES, Northland; Sileni Estates, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; Silver Wing Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Small and Small, Marlborough; Soderberg Wines Ltd, Marlborough; SOHO WINE CO, Auckland, Marlborough, Central Otago; Soljans Estate Winery, Auckland; Southbank Estate, Marlborough; Southdown Estate, Wairarapa; Southern Boundary Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough; Spade Oak, Gisborne; SPENCER HILL ESTATE, Nelson; Splendiferous, Marlborough; Sprig, Marlborough; Spring Creek Estate, Marlborough; Spy Valley Wines, Marlborough; Squawking Magpie Wines, Hawke’s Bay; Staete Landt Vineyard, Marlborough; Stanley Estates Ltd, Marlborough; Steve Bird, Marlborough; Stonecroft, Hawke’s Bay ; Stonyridge Vineyard, Auckland; Summerhouse Wine Co., Marlborough; Supper Club Wines, Marlborough, Central Otago; Surveyor Thomson Wines, Central Otago

Takamatua Valley Vineyards, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Takatu Vineyard, Auckland; Tarras Vineyards, Central Otago, Marlborough; Te Awa Winery, Hawke’s Bay; Te Kairanga, Wairarapa; Te Mania, Nelson; Te Mata Estate, Hawke’s Bay; Ten Sisters, Marlborough; Terrace Edge, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Terrace Heights Estate, Marlborough; Terra Sancta, Central Otago; TerraVin, Marlborough; Te Whare Ra (TWR), Marlborough; Te Whau Vineyard, Auckland; The Crossings, Marlborough; The Darling Wines, Marlborough; The Delta Wine Company, Marlborough; The Elder Pinot, Wairarapa; The Hay Paddock, Auckland; The Landing, Northland; The Natural Wine Company, Gisborne; The Sounds Wines, Marlborough; The Supernatural, Hawke’s Bay; The Tablelands Wine Company, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa, Marlborough; Thornbury, Auckland; Thousand Voices, Canterbury / Waipara Valley ; Three Peakes Wine, Central Otago; Tiki Wine & Vineyards, Marlborough; Tinpot Hut, Marlborough; Ti Point, Hawke’s Bay; Tironui Estate, Hawke’s Bay; TK Vintners & Bottlers Ltd, Waikato; Tohu, Marlborough, Gisborne; Toi Toi Wines, Central Otago, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay; Tongue in Groove Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Torlesse Wines Limited, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; TOSQ Wines Ltd, Central Otago; Totara Wines, Marlborough; Tresillian, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Trinity Hill, Hawke’s Bay; True & Daring, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Nelson; Tukipo River Estate, Hawke’s Bay; Tuki Vineyard, Hawke’s Bay; Tupari, Marlborough; Twin Islands Wine, Marlborough; Two Paddocks, Central Otago; Two Rivers of Marlborough, Marlborough; Two Tracks

Unison Vineyard, Hawke’s Bay; Urlar, Wairarapa

Valli Vineyards, Central Otago; Vavasour, Marlborough; Vela Wines, Central Otago; Vicarage Lane Wines, Marlborough; Vidal Estate, Hawke’s Bay; View east Vineyard, Auckland; Villa Maria Estate, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough; VINDICO NÉGOCIANTS LIMITED, Hawke’s Bay; Vinoptima Estate, Gisborne; Vista, Nelson; Volcanic Hills Winery, Bay of Plenty; Voss Estate Vineyard, Wairarapa; Vynfields, Wairarapa

Waimarie Wines, Auckland; Waimea Estates, Nelson; Waipara Downs, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Waipara Hills, Canterbury / Waipara Valley, Marlborough, Central Otago; Waipara River Estate, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Waipara Springs, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Waipara West, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; Wairau River, Marlborough; Waitapu Estate Vineyar; Waitiri Creek, Central Otago; Walnut Block Wines, Marlborough; Waterfalls Road Wine, Marlborough; Weaver Estate Wines, Central Otago; Weka River Wines, Canterbury / Waipara Valley; West Brook Winery, Auckland; White Cliff, Hawke’s Bay; Whitehaven Wine Company Ltd, Marlborough; Wild Earth Wines, Central Otago; Wild South, Hawke’s Bay; William Murdoch, Hawke’s Bay; Wine Marlborough, Marlborough; Wither Hills, Marlborough; Wooing Tree, Central Otago; Woollaston Estates, Nelson; Wrights Vineyard & Winery, Gisborne; Wycroft, Wairarapa

Yealands Family Wines, Marlborough

Cheers, Big Ears!

Straight to the Pool Room – February 2015

Pool Room Feb 2015

As I have written about before, Wine Enthusiast scored the 2013 vintage of Hawkes Bay reds as a 96, the highest score in the world, so I thought I had better load up the cellar. However my usual suspects have not hit the shelves yet – the producers appear to want to get rid of 2012 stock first.

But to this month’s rescue rides Te Mata Estate. They released their 2013 reds today. I couldn’t get a seat at the showcase tasting this year (grrr…first time in four years I miss out) but the word out on these wines are that they are extremely good, some say the best, from a ‘once in 30-years vintage’. The Coleraine ‘13 is meant to be a revelation (I have ordered two bottles and a magnum to go with my 07, 09s and ‘10s); and this wine below is claimed to be a masterpiece and an ‘Awatea for the ages’. A wine for laying down and avoiding for ten years:

Te Mata Estate Awatea Hawkes Bay 2013 – $$$ – a classic Hawkes Bay Cabernet/Merlot blend. Drink 2023-2025

I have a few Awas in the Pool Room – an ’85, ’92, ’07 and ’10. I must get around to knocking the tops off the two oldest.

BTW the photo above was taken while I watched NZ teach Australia how to play cricket at Eden Park in the Cricket World Cup 2015…it was close in the end, but we won!

What’s in the glass tonight February 25th

Jovly Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2013

Off Topic: Jovly Chenin Blanc Vouvray 2013 – $$

I had a bit of a moan my last post about the uniformly ok quality of the wine I have been drinking and writing about recently. I was challenged by a reader to try wines and producers I am unfamiliar with. So here goes…

This wine came recommended from Regional Wines: Vouvray is a wine-growing sub-region of the Loire Valley, France’s largest geographical wine growing region. The Loire River meanders from Orléans all the way to the Atlantic.  The area is known for the age-worthy white wine Chenin Blanc. I can’t find much information off the net about the producer.

The wine is very very pale greenish straw colour. 11.5%. Demi-sec style Chenin. A light bouquet that doesn’t give much away except notes of citrus and pears.

Bright citrus characters in the mouth, minerality, and astringency countered by good weight of ripe fruit flavours. I taste green apples and honey. Long. There is joyful intent in this wine, it sizzles.

BTG 3+