Straight to the Pool Room – March 2015

Pool Room March 2015

L and I attended a fantastic tasting earlier in the week, and I bought a wee bit of this, and my first magnum!:

Te Mata Estate Coleraine Hawkes Bay 2013 – $$$+ Drink 2023-2043!

From the producer, “From the depths of its saturated inky appearance, Coleraine ’13 is a commanding statement of the vintage. Its powerful attack of beautifully ripened blackberries and black plums integrates with an accompanying surge of immediate tannin which quickly becomes the focus as the wine flows across the palate. Coleraine ’13 is a wine to contemplate, from a large glass, over several hours. It is a 30 year wine of impeccable style and character. Coleraine ’13. There is no comparison.”

The stuff of legends.” – Decanter Magazine, UK.

‘Twas nice to try a glass of it before I put these down to sleep.

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