What’s in the glass tonight March 7th

Pegasus Bay Riesling 2009

From the Cellar: Pegasus Bay Riesling Waipara 2009 – $$$

The Donaldson family have really made a name for themselves in making great aromatic wines in the Waipara Valley, and in particular, for their Rieslings.

This wine is a bright yellow colour. Showing some age. 11.8% alcohol.

Evocative nose, with rich Riesling characters – ripeness, tangy-ness, Turkish delight, honey, touch of Botrytis.

Not made in a mineral style. Sweet in the mouth. A sharp spritz around the edge of the palate. Lots of Manuka honey on first impression, followed by ripe peaches. A fine wine for savouring. Very very long and intense flavoursome finish.

Bought on reputation, this really lived up to the hype.

Not great with our meal of Jerk Chicken, but came into it’s own with the artisanal chocolates from Bohemein.



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