If aliens ever invade

Villa Maria CS Dry Riesling 2013

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Dry Riesling Marlborough 2013 – $$

If aliens ever swoop down upon us from the heavens, they will not be coming for our oil, our water or our flesh, but for our wine. It’s always after 5pm somewhere in the cosmos.

Aliens may possess anti-gravity, droids and fearsome implacable intelligence, but they won’t have Beaune, the Barossa or Marlborough…

In my opinion, Riesling duels with Pinot Noir for the title of the planet’s finest wine variety. It is the Queen of Wines, the perfect aperitif. It would be the first taken aboard…

So here I am, mixing all four alien attractants together – sea water, sausages, olive oil and Villa Maria Dry Riesling – at a BBQ down at our local beach. The sun is shining, the water is warm, life is great!

The wine is a bright straw colour in the glass. 12.5%.

Bright fragrant nose. Storied, typical varietal ‘tang’. Nose of lychees. ‘Vinous’. There is that familiar ‘catch’ in the back of the nostrils. Makes memories.

In the mouth – ripe and fresh. Bags of citrus zing. Lemons, mandarins. Luscious. So much zest and character! A mouthwatering finish. Quite astounding in its way. BTVG 4+

I have loved this wine since ages ago. Elite Gold Medal winner – Air NZ Wine Awards 2014

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