What’s in the glass tonight December 5th

Mouton Cadet 2011

Off Topic: Mouton Cadet Bordeaux 2011 – $$

I have never seen this wine for sale here before, at least not where I shop. A historical wine created by Baron Philippe de Rothschild in the 1930s, I understand it is produced by the brimming lake-full as a second second wine blend from grapes sourced from all over Bordeaux – from the limestone soils of the Entre-Deux-Mers and Côtes de Bordeaux to the clay soils around Blaye and the gravels of  Côtes de Bourg.

It was an odd coincidence but I had just read the Baroness Phillipine’s obit in the latest Decanter, so when I saw this bottle in Central City Wines I thought I had better give it a try. For the record, I am very unlikely to ever spare the readies to try any other wine that bears the Baroness Philippine’s signature…

A deep ruby colour. 13.5%. Euro aroma of fruit and savoury notes, spice and oak.

Quite strong acidity, ok fruit – mostly blackcurrants. Not a big wine.  Simplicity concealed by assertive tannins. Would like to see this in a couple of years to see if the wine balances out, but will settle for re-corking the bottle and leaving it a couple of days instead. Will continue this later…

…which I did. The wine didn’t improve any. Fell over more like. Not much depth. Semi vege. Shows at that bargain price the Baroness is not giving anything away. The gushing hype on the website is overrated. I can find better wine elsewhere for less.

 Ok 2+



  1. was really curious to read the final verdict. I never had the actual 1st Growth from the Mouton, but I find their bargain level wines to be extremely unmoving, to be very polite…

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