What’s in the glass tonight November 18th

Vidal HB Merlot Cab 2007

From the Cellar: Vidal Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Hawkes Bay  2007 – $

This was recommended by The Listener wine column way back in the day. I bought a brace of bottles for $13 each at the time and tried one two years ago. My notes suggested that I open this one now.

14% alcohol. Inky black with bricking magenta at the rim. Wonder aroma lifts from the glass. Heady, warm and rich. I see plums, cassis, dark chocolate and cedar wood. Gorgeous.

In the mouth there are ripe plums, supple tannins. Chocolate. Fruit is receding. Striking acid front. Very tasty wine that improves as it sits with air. Superb value. 4+

I left a glass in the bottle overnight to see how it went the next day. It didn’t hold up well. The depth of fruit was not capable of handling the extra air. But as a value wine should have I expected it to?

Good with the roast I cooked for dinner, and the first of the summer’s rocket salad from the vege garden.

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