What’s in the glass tonight November 9th

Blackenbrook Nelson Muscat 2011

Blackenbrook Muscat Nelson 2011 – $$

This was the second bottle I bought at the instore tasting of Blackenbrook wines hosted by proprietor Ursula Schwarzenbach. It was the last bottle in the shop, left over from last year’s tasting. I remarked to Ursula that I recalled tasting the wine a year ago and really liking it. So I had to take it when it was brought out.

The wine is produced from the Muscat Ottonel clone. I know zero about this grape variety.

Jancis Robinson sheds some light: The Muscat grape may not be thought of as one of the great international classics but its history is many times longer than that of such newcomers as Cabernet Sauvignon for example. It was almost certainly the grape variety referred to by writers in classical times as being particularly attractive to insects for its heady smell and impressive ripeness. Muscat grapes are also distinguished by, uniquely, producing wines that actually taste and smell of grapes. But, as one might expect of a grape variety known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Muscat family is particularly diverse and ramified.

[ ] the third member of the Muscat family, Muscat Ottonel, predominates in the old Hapsburg empire in eastern Europe (whereas Muscat Blanc or Tamyanka in Russian was the Muscat of choice in the old Russian empire, as ancient and long-lived Muscats of several colours from the Massandra imperial winery in Yalta attest).”

We opened this bottle as we pored over new car brochures and finalised the drinks order for my birthday party.

14%. Light Gold. Picked at 23.4 Brix.

Refreshly aromatic with essences of pears and field honey. In the mouth it was light and spicy, medium-dry, bursting with joyful ripe grape-y flavours. A real delight. It went really well with L’s stir-fry prawns. 4



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