The Little Red Book

Little Red Book

Whenever I add to the Pool Room cellar collection, I record the details of the wine into a cheap wee red 3B1 notebook.

I’ve been filling in such a book since 2009, and although my buying has been pretty modest, I have just filled my second notebook. So it’s off to the shops tomorrow to buy a third!

I record things like winemaker, style, vintage, region, price, any awards, and the year when I guess I should knock the top off. I used to record notes about the wine after I drank it, but now I do that on the pages of this blog. The size of my collection limits the raids on the cellar to no more than once a week, so it is always exciting to flick through my books to choose which wine I will liberate next.

Consequently the books get kinda doggy after a while.. A bit like a chew toy for grown-ups…

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