A is for AFD


I just wrote my 250th blog post on whatsintheglasstonight.com via WordPress. And I did it wine-free.

I have two significant milestones approaching: my 50th birthday (and party), and my 10th attempt at achieving a sub-5 hr time for the 160km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge for the first time.

I want to look my best for the party, and be in my best shape to smash the course. That means losing weight. Which means seriously pushing the plate away. And having Alcohol Free Days during the working week, Monday through Thursday. The wine bloggers bane…

Ugh. Easy to say, less easy to do…Makes me consider the idea of (whisper) A is for Addiction, and H is for Habit. Hmm, interesting..

Still, I got through last week ok, and tonight, and I suspect the rest will be fine. My lovely L is coming along for the ride. And I have lots more time for stuff, rather that just sitting around with a glass in hand feeling somnolent of an evening…

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