Drinking & Writing

broken glass

Wine, when used exactly as directed, does what it says on the label. That’s why those Paleos invented the stuff. As a wine blogger, I tend to have a glass to hand as I write, or at the very least, have drunk one in the recent past. And it is not without psychoactive effect. So, therefore, when I am riffing about the smells of, notes of, hints of, etc, it is a little too easy to get a bit carried away. I try to be objective, but you can’t be Caesars wife every time.

A General Election is approaching and there is a lot of campaigning going on around here. Plenty of hot air rising. I try to keep abreast of the political blogs, and like a dog, I have a series of lampposts around the internet that I like to visit on a daily basis, to see what is going on, a sort of ‘beating the bounds’ , if you like. What I notice is the stream of vitriol that is spewed online in the comments section underneath the blog posts, whenever anyone dares to criticise the poster on any point. They get jumped on and severely ‘trolled’ for their temerity. I am pretty good at avoiding getting involved, but after reading some of the crap I see, my typing fingers ( both of them) develop a real itch that I battle to suppress.

I suspect those reading and writing comments have had a bit too much of the old amber liquid, or perhaps the pale straw or deep carmine liquid. Their judgement is much affected. They write things that I think in the cold light of morning they may regret. Perhaps not the sentiment, but certainly the tone…

So I say, for safety’s sake, we should all stick to safe drink-drive limits if we want to venture our opinions online…


  1. Agreed. I have woken in the morning to panic that I haven’t offended someone after an evening of social media surfing glass in hand. Or conversely, stewing about a provocative comment made on my blog designed to engage me in some game.

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