What’s in the glass tonight at Waikuku Lodge July 19th


From the Cellar: Church Road Cuvé Syrah 2004 – $$

I took this auction bottle with me when I went with L and the kids to stay at the DOC hut Waikuku Lodge with a bunch of friends and their children. We spend the weekend cooking, eating, walking, playing pooh-sticks with homemade toy boats, playing board games, reading and keeping the fire going to keep the winter chill at bay.

The wine was a tawny dark magenta, browning around the rim. It had a rich and involving bouquet overlaid with blackberries and violets, leather, Port Royal tobacco, and white pepper.

Peppery spics continued in the mouth. Developed secondary tawny flavours added complexity and layers. The fruit has receded somewhat, and the wine’s body feels correspondingly thinner. Pleasant notes of licorice and vanilla. The wine opened up well in the glass overtime and became absolutely delicious. Opened at the right time in the right place. 4+


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