What’s in the glass tonight June 28th

 Forrest The Doctors Reisling 2009

From the cellar: Forrest The Doctors Riesling 2009 – $$

I bought this bottle from the vineyard cellar door at the Graperide a few years back. It won Champion White at the Auckland Easter Show so I thought it might be a goody.

Blonde greenish straw. 8.5%. This is the lightest alcohol wine I have ever had I think. Lovely fragrant aromatics: mandarins, rockmelon, hint of TDN peeking through. Yummy.

In the the mouth the first thing I get is that typical Riesling spritzy freshness at the front of the palate. Then very ripe and luscious full fruit flavours of apricots and mandarins and honey kick in. Medium sweet. It lasts and lasts. So damn tasty.

A fantastic wine for an aperitif and went surprisingly well with L’s sticky prawn noodles. I don’t normally go for a sweet Riesling tho aficionados prefer them. I should soften my stance and drink more of these – the flavours are just too good. 4+


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