What’s in the glass tonight April 20th


From the Cellar: Haha Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011 -$

We are back from my ski club working bee. A hard weekend of work. L is new to the club and was thrown in at the deep end of cleaning…I was in the kitchen pretending to be a Masterchef contestant and helping feed 40-odd workers…Lots of fun and the kids all has a blast.

And we still have another day of Easter holiday to enjoy!

No wine in the house save what’s in the cellar…the supermarkets are closed what with it being Easter Sunday. L cooked a lovely chicken dish with Moroccan sauce, spinach and pasta. Here’s a treat…

And my beloved Liverpool is playing Norwich as I write…one hand on the Premier League title? And Sterling scores inside 4mins!!!!

This wine is pale pale green yellow. 13.6%. Eh? .6 is a bit precise counting, what?

An enveloping and very engaging open nose of Packham pears, grass and Golden Delicious apples.

Bold citrus and apples and tom stalk in the mouth. Green dew-wet grass at the back. I recalled I reviewed this wine when it first emerged from the cocoon back in the day. The zingy-ness and exuberance I saw then has sat back, but is more than replaced with, and improved by, balance and good mouthfeel. I should keep a few more savs under anaeshetic…4

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