Straight to the Pool Room – Graperide Special


All Graperide entrants who competed the year before are given a free bottle of Forrest Marlborough Pinot Noir at Registration. This year it was the 10th anniversary of the fun ride, so the Good Doctors decided to Supersize the offer and give us all a Magnum of said vino.

I brought a bottle of 1993 Matua Cab Sav to drink at the Friday night pre-ride potluck dinner/carbo-load. It was absolute muck. To call it vinegar does disservice to real vinegars. So I was forced to open my magnum…

Fortunately L kept her magnum tightly sealed so into the Pool Room it goes…along with a standard 750ml bottle of same that L won for taking out top spot in her event!

Forrest Pinot Noir 2013 – drink 2016

Framingham Marlborough Old Vine Riesling 2013  – drink 2016-2018. Bought at the winery

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