What’s in the glass tonight April 8th


Framingham Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – $$
A great weekend in Marlborough for Graperide 2014.

My highlights were flying low over the golden crags of the inland Kaikoura Ranges into Blenheim airport on the Friday night, knocking off over eight minutes off my PB during the race the next day, then enjoying a lovely meal with L and our cycling mates at the 12 Trees Restaurant at Allan Scott Vineyard that night. I also loved giving my wee LG a big hug on arrival back in Wellington. Lucky man am I!

L and I bought this wine during a visit to a couple of wineries on Sunday.

We rocked up at Framingham at the same time as a coachload of tourists. Things were looking crowded in the cellar door. We didn’t have much time and so were thinking of bailing out for the Ferry. Luckily one of the friendly staff saw us heading for the door, and encouraged us to try a number of their rieslings. A good move. We tried the Classic, Old Vine and Dry Rieslings. I took no notes, but we liked…

I bought a bottle of the Old Vine Riesling 2013 for the Pool Room, and a Montepulciano 2009 to drink now, along with this Sauvignon Blanc…

Pale straw, 13%. Light nose of gooseberries, grapefruit and green tomatoes. Ripe citrus flavours in the mouth: a good balance between being both round and piquant. Very tasty. Food-friendly. A bottle that emptied fast. 4

Earlier in the day we visited Cloudy Bay to have a try of the latest Te Koko. We didn’t like it nearly as much as last year’s model, so we didn’t get any. I did like the 2011 Chardonnay, the 2006 Pelorus Vintage fizzy. The Mustang Vineyard SV Pinot Noir was wonderful, which I rated as a 4+, but at $74 a bottle I had to leave it on the shelf…

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