Wine bloggers, eh? Wadda they know?

Pool Room June 2013

I’ve been at this wine blog game for over a year. Yeah! And in this shallow, fast-paced world we live in, I guess this now makes me a Subject Matter Expert. Heh.

This is how it works. Least for me anyway. Buy wine, drink wine, think about wine, scribble it down. Add a pretty picture. Make sure I check the alcohol content before I biff out the bottle.

I am running out of adjectives that I haven’t used. Most wines I am trying are pretty ok, and they tend to blend in with each other. Only the really bad ones, and the really good ones, stand out, like Malcolm Gladwell’s outliers.

I was talking to a guy the other night at a tasting, who said he was a wine judge. I said I could never be a wine judge, as I couldn’t tell them apart. He said I’ll let you in on a secret – neither can we!


So what is the point of me sitting here, stroking my chin like a hipster at a barista competition, thinking that this wine should be a 3.25 and that one a 4 and so on. Really. What do I know?

So I’m gonna take the guesswork out of it. I’ll tweak my scoring system to create what I feel is a more generic and intrinsic system of comparison than my too-definative, and frankly inconsistent, current model.

New Rating System, out of 5


5 Outstanding

4+ Better than Very Good

4 Very Good

3+ Better than Good

3  Good

2  Just Ok

1  Cooking Wine


We’ll see, then…


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