What’s in the glass tonight March 11th, 17th, 21st

Marlborough Sav Blanc’s ‘Deathmatch’

Here are another three wines left over from the Housewarming. All Kiwi Marlborough Savs. Who will be champion?


Alpine Valley Marlborough Sav Blanc 2012

Light straw colour. 13.5%. Fresh tomato stalk on the nose. In the mouth I see the sweeter style of Marl sav, less acidity than others in the ‘hood. Round, ripe, may tip over into drabness if kept another year. A solid 3.


Eradus Awatere Valley Marlborough Sav Blanc 2012

Crikey. More tomato stalk. 13.5%. Grassy, pronounced citrus, involved grapefruit. Fresh, bracing. A good ‘un. 3.75


Saint Clair Family Estate Vicar’s Choice Marlb Sav Blanc 2013

The juvenile of the bunch. Bright white straw colour. 13%. Lively. Crisp grapefruit and passionfruit, yet more tomato stalk in the mouth. Drying. Good food wine. 3.25

The tomato wins by a clear length…


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