What’s in the glass tonight March 9th


Kingsmill Tippetts Dam Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2008

I haven’t blogged much lately. L and I have been heavily involved in beginning the house renovation project instead.  A mate, and reader, came up to me the other night and asked me if I’d stopped drinking? Fat chance. This work will go on for some time, and I will need constant fortification during the process. I’ll just store my notes for later…

…and, also, we just hosted our housewarming! It was a great night. Many dear friends came, and we had a fun BBQ and party that lasted into the witching hours.

One of the benefits of friends knowing you write a wine blog is that they give you great bottles as gifts. And we were blessed that night. Here is one…

A gift from M&L. 14%. Deep carmine colour, brown around the rim. Savoury and aromatic. Ripe red fruit in the mouth. A nice touch of licorice, thyme. Smooth, easy tannins. A light style pinot, tasty and mature. 4

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