What’s not in the glass tonight

broken glass

  1. Aarrgghh! I broke one of the two Riedel glasses L just gave me! Trying to be careful. I could have wept. Quelle bugger!
  2. Continuing the theme of broken glass: last Friday I put a bottle of Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc Brut fizzy into the work freezer to chill down quickly so we could have it to celebrate the completion of an important project. I forgot all about it. It didn’t end well. The bottle exploded at some time over the weekend and sent fragments of glass flying around the interior of the freezer compartment. I managed to clean it up without getting to cut by broken glass. Interesting tho that the wine froze frothy…
  3. BTW, HRHs Kate and Wills are coming to New Zealand this April for a Royal Tour. One of the stops on their itinerary is a visit to Amisfield Vineyard for a wee wine tasting. As you do in Central Otago. The cost of royal tours are generally met by the host country, and the budget for same is much guarded before the event. The vineyard website however lists the wine tasting cost at $8 per person. So that is at least $16 we the taxpayers will have to fork out. Mind you, for our future Monarch, it will likely be free…

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