What’s in the glass tonight Feb 25th

Tiritiri Gisborne Chardonnay 2008

From the Cellar: Tiritiri Estate Gisborne Chardonnay 2008 – $$$

I could kick myself. This one slept a couple of years too long I regret to say. Yellow gold. 13%. Mature nose, taint of oxidation. The oxidation carries through to the wine, and clouds the appealing nutty and sunny character of the wine. I bought it after a tasting at the Gisborne Wine Centre a few years back, and should really have opened it earlier. The wine is better than how it shows here, and to be fair, would be close to a 4 if I’d kept it in better nick. L liked it, so the quality was in there.

An organic producer too, and they claim to be NZ’s smallest vineyard.  500 rows, producing 50-100 cases. Damn, that makes me feel stink.


  1. Should have tried the 2008 Reserve, even better. The 2004 was absolutely outstanding did you get that one? Last bottle sold for$135!!

  2. Tiritiri Estate have just released their first MC, a 2010 blanc de blanc, and it is looking and tasting great. Only 20 cases produced so very rare! A 2011 will be released sometime next year of the same quantity!

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