What’s in the [Reidel] glass tonight Feb 15th

Haythornthwaite Susan Gewurtz 2008

From the Cellar: Haythornthwaite “Susan” Martinborough Gewurtztraminer 2008 – $$$

L gave me a couple of Reidel glasses for Valentines Day!

The glasses are from the Vinum varietal-specific range. Reidel sez the shape of each glass is designed for an individual wine variety, and enhance the flavour and aroma of that wine when drunk from the appropriate vessel. I am not experienced at drinking from such expensive glassware, and couldn’t attest to the truth of Riedel’s claims, but I know that wines do smell and taste different depending on the glass.

These are Sauvignon Blanc glasses, shaped to suit white wine with two flavour contributors – fermented grape juice and yeast. The person in the shop said the shape would enhance Rose’ also. L and I thought that maybe we would enlarge the tent a little, and try this gewurtz out of them…

The experiment worked. The wine looked, smelt and tasted great. Not sure if it was the quality of the wine, or a placebo effect from the marketing and mystique around the glassware brand.

We knew the wine would be good going in. L and I tasted it at the vineyard on a visit of Martinborough last year, and she bought a bottle to take home with her. It is named after the winemaker’s wife. We were having leftover Indian takeaway for dinner, and thought the gewurz spice would go down well.

The wine is deep gold in colour. 13%. Honeyed and warm with spicy notes. Off dry. Very aromatic. The Reidel’s did what they promised on the tin, and presented a good wine very well. 4.


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